Comic strip formerly appearing on ChicagoNow enters life as an independent website.

Chicago – January 3, 2011 – The “Division and Rush” comic strip written by Todd Allen and drawn by Scott Beaderstadt, previously found on the ChicagoNow website, is no longer published by the Chicago Tribune Media Group and has moved to its new home at

“It was essentially a mutual decision,” explains Allen.  “A comic has different technical needs than a blog and stringing together chapters in photo galleries was a little clunky, in terms of navigation.  Moving to an independent site was the simplest solution.  Our new format of running new strips Monday through Friday, a common format for webcomics, simply wouldn’t fit into the photo gallery format we were using on ChicagoNow.

“There is a rumor I’d like to shoot down before it gets started,” Allen adds.  “Leaving ChicagoNow has nothing to do with editorial policy.  I was not asked to change one word on any of the script.  For most purposes, ChicagoNow is a separate entity from the Chicago Tribune.  While it was clear the comic was not particularly popular with the Tribune-at-large, including a series of profanity-laced posts in the comments section from a Tribune IP address shortly after launch, there was no pressure to change the material.”

The second story arc, “The Cult of Low Self-Esteem,” begun on ChicagoNow and continuing on the independent site, concerns what happens when the talk show diva, Opa!, announces her imminent departure from Chicago and someone starts murdering the hosts of her spin-off shows in protest.

Praise for Division and Rush and “The Murder Professor” (#1 bestseller in its Kindle category)

“It’s a great strip.  Part crime-drama, part satire, but very well written and fun to read!” Elliott Serrano, RedEye

“Really enjoyed The Murder Professor” Jon Jordan – Crimespree Magazine

“If you thought Drew Peterson seemed cartoonish… then you need to check out “Division and Rush,” – Crime Scene KC/Kansas City Star

“The Bluebeard in Division and Rush, the new comic on the Tribune’s Chicago Now blog site, is called Stu Peterman, and he’s murdered four of his past wives, whereas Drew Peterson couldn’t have killed more than two. But Peterman, like Peterson, is a self-aggrandizing ex-cop who looks like an Alpha walrus.” – Michael Miner, Chicago Reader

About the Creators

Todd Allen (Writer/Letterer): Todd Allen has been (alphabetically) a bouncer, Internet producer, professor and sports reporter, among other paying hobbies.  He’s appeared on MTV, been the object of flirtation in the Rockette’s dressing room and is occasionally mistaken for Ben Elton.  Todd is an active member of the Mystery Writers of America.

Scott Beaderstadt  (Artist) Scott Beaderstadt has been writing and drawing satirical comics for more than 20 years for some of leading comic book publishers, including Archic Comics, Caliber Press and Tru Studios.

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“The Murder Professor”

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